Organization Tip of the Day: De-Clutter Your Makeup Bag

organize your makeup brushes

Rather than stashing your makeup brushes away in your cosmetic bag, organize them in jars with coffee beans. Your makeup bag will be free of clutter and you’ll get a chance to show off your beauty loot. Plus the coffee beans will make your room smell nice.

How to do it:

  • Get rid of the brushes you’re not longer using and wash the one you plan to keep. Lay them flat to dry.
  • Fill a small, empty container (like a detailed cup) with coffee beans and display your brushes.

Expert Tip:

Take it one step further by separating out brushes in multiple jars — one for powder brushes, eyeliner brushes and blending tools. If you really want to let your Type A side take over, organize them in order of use from left to right.


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