Create a Chic Work Space (in Minutes!)

Paying your bills and balancing your checkbook — fun? Maybe not, but you’ll dread these chores less if you’re doing them in a workspace that you love. And by work space I don’t mean you have to have an entire room to decided to your home office. A cozy nook under your stair case or in a corner will work just as well. For inspiration, check out four spaces that I love, and learn how to get the look.

If you don’t have a lot of room for a traditional desk, install a narrow slab of wood in the corner of your living room or bedroom ( like in this photograph). Hang prints and photos for inspiration (see Uncovet’s top picks).

Not sure what color palette to use? Use colors that make you feel relaxed, focused and creative. For some people, muted greens and neutrals work well; others prefer a more elegant black-and-white motif.

Give your space character by using a vintage wall hanging as your focal point. Decorate it with items that inspire you.

Make a corner nook look bigger by placing a small desk in the center and then covering the surrounding area with art. Hang a small shelf on the wall for your office accessories, and complete the look with a plant and cool lamp.

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