Would You Make a Bedroom Floor Using 59,670 Pennies? Meet the Couple Who Did.

penny floor Photo: ThePennyFloor.com

A penny saved is a penny earned, but if you’re anything like Chicago couple Ryan Lange and Emily Belden, you’ve turned that coin into some serious creative design. The seemingly frugal duo lined their 234-square-foot bedroom floor with nearly 59,670 pennies — a renovation project that took four long months to complete.

“We were sitting around joking about what we could do to re-do the bedroom and there was a jar of pennies sitting on the counter,” said Lange in an interview this morning with The Today Show. “I was like, ‘Why don’t we just stick those things to the floor?'”

Ryan quickly turned his idea into a relatively inexpensive bedroom makeover–on the sly. “I came home one day and found a small corner was done, so I thought ‘I guess we’re doing it,'” Belden recalls. “Once you start this project, you’ve got to finish it.”

And so they did. The couple began by collecting coins and securing them to the floor using small tubes of glue. When the process proved to be too time-consuming, the pennies were put in place using caulk gun and a stronger adhesive. Once finished, the floor was sanded and sealed to create a smooth finish. Now — thanks to the help of generous friends and numerous bank trips — Ryan and Emily have a bedroom floor covered in the country’s most overlooked coin. Their new space boasts some rare finds as well, including a World War II era steel penny and an Indian head coin. Plus, each individual coin was secured heads up, making for a bedroom that’s both chic and lucky.

“We’ve got a smooth, shiny floor that’s fun to walk on and easy on the eyes,” wrote the couple on their blog. “Not to mention, we’re walking on money, people.”

Overall, we love the amount of dedication and creativity that went into this Chicago home (but that’s just our two-cents).

Penny for your thoughts? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Would you and your partner put the time and money into such a big renovation project?

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