9 Seriously Awkward “Ex” Encounters

Ex-Files: Awkward Encounters With Your Former Flame Photo: Shutterstock

Ah, ex-boyfriends. As hard as they are to forget, sometimes they’re even harder to avoid. For instance, I was out thrift-shopping with a friend recently when we stopped in a small vintage boutique to look around. When we walked in, I immediately heard a familiar voice and turned around to see my ex and his new girlfriend hand-in-hand. I quickly ducked behind a yellow fur coat in hopes of avoiding eye contact, but unfortunately the Big Bird disguise didn’t work, and we were forced to exchange hellos.

Although I thought that my encounter was uncomfortable, it’s nothing compared to the stories that these Nest readers had to share. Whether it’s an unexpected reunion at a wedding or an awkward run-in at the hair salon, these tales prove that some people are better left in the past.

“I was the maid of honor in my college roommate’s wedding and my ex was there as an usher. I brought my boyfriend of 7 months (now my husband) as my date. My ex pretty much pouted the whole time.” – Kelli A.

“I went in for a haircut and there was one girl available – my husband’s ex. I walked out because I knew I wouldn’t have hair left since she was mad at the fact that I was with him.” – Andrea B.

“My husband and I were dating only about a year when we ran into both our exes the same night in the same establishment. It was very uncomfortable because both of them treated us very badly.” – Ashley J.B

“I was shopping with my sister and we cut across a sporting goods aisle. All of a sudden, my ex turned down the same aisle. I started to panic trying to think of what I was going to say when he nodded at me and kept on walking!” – Amanda W.

“When my husband and I were dating, he wanted to introduce me to a female friend of his from high school. When we met, she brought her boyfriend who — unbeknownst to me —  was the guy I dated when I was in college! Our relationship didn’t end very well so it was certainly awkward when we saw each other.” – Jaclyn P.

“I ran into my ex at a restaurant we used to frequent. If it wasn’t already bad enough, I was seated within eyesight of his table and he was with the couple we used to double date with.” – Caitlin D.

“My now-husband had to sue his ex for unpaid rent-and he used me (his new girlfriend at the time) as a character reference in court! Talk about awkward…” – Courtney S.

“Ran into an ex-boyfriend this past November at Disney World of all places! We were shuffled into the Haunted Mansion together, right towards each other (along with my husband and his wife!). Talk about the scare of my life!” – Lauren C.

Any awkward encounters with an ex to share? Dish in the comments section!

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