3 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom (You’ll Love ‘Em!)

I’ve moved around a bit, but every place I’ve lived in has had bathrooms bursting with personality and style. Pretty much everyone who comes over spends time in there at some point, so instead of ignoring it, I choose to make my bathroom fab! Of course you don’t have to be a pro to pull off a cool bathroom. Check out some of my fave ways to give your bathroom a fun (and even quirky) look.

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Pretty Prints

From your kids art to your favorite colorful illustrations, the bathroom is the best place to layer in hundreds of unique prints, signs and miscellaneous inspirational tears and postcards. Make it a room where you can look around and always find something new.
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Wild Wallpaper

If you own your place, cover your walls with wallpaper. Look for prints no one has ever seen, a design that makes you smile every time you brush your teeth or a style that's just ridiculously pretty.
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Pops of Color

Not into patterns or prints? If you'd prefer a solid wall color, go bold to surprise your guests.

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