Best Ways to Bond With Your Father-in-Law

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Sure, the idea of pleasing your mother-in-law may seem intimidating, but sometimes the task of winning over your father-in-law can be just as daunting. While you want to win him over, it’s important not to come off too strong (football! beer! fishing!). For ideas on just how to bond with your partner’s father, follow these ideas from other Nesties who know best:

Follow these ideas from other Nesties on the best ways to bond with your partner’s father.“Laugh at all of his jokes.” – L.N

“Football, football, football…and some fishing trips.” – R.P

“I let him fix things around my house and then I feed him.” – M.S.G

“Since my mother-in-law passed in 2010, I make him a lemon pie every holiday. It’s his favorite, and my mother-in-law had it for him.” – H.S

“I love tools and DIY stuff and both of his boy don’t, so any time I can help or ask for a tool I don’t own – I speak up!” – A.H

“You don’t…my father-in-law respected me because I asked him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. I was good before that but better after.” – J.C

“The best advice for men is to love and cherish your wife. All dads want to see if their daughter happy!” – L.J

In what ways do you bond with your father-in-law?

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