5 Most Shocking Moments in Bachelor History

Hate it or love it, The Bachelor is back — and he’s more blonde than ever. In honor of the show’s 17th season, (and of Bachelor Sean Lowe’s six-pack) we rounded up five of our favorite moments in Bachelor history that no one saw coming. Some are heartbreaking, some are hilarious, and all make for good television.

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Jason Mesnick Changes His Mind

In an unexpected turn of events, bachelor Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft during the season finale -- only to dump her for runner-up Molly Malaney at the After the Rose reunion. Clearly he made the right choice. Today, Molly and Jason are happily married and expecting their first child together.
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Brad Womack Remains a Bachelor

During his first stint on the show, Womack became the first-ever bachelor to eliminate the final two women who made it to the season finale. The result? -- the undecided Bachelor returned to the show four years later still looking for love.
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Rozlyn Papa Denies Affair With Show Producer

The blonde model stunned viewers of The Bachelor's fourteenth season after she was sent home for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a producer of the show. As a result, Rozlyn was booted from the show.
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Quarterback Jessie Palmer Fumbles Ceremony

During his first rose ceremony, Palmer confused two women and accidentally gave a flower to Katie when it was intended for Karen. After realizing his mistake, the Giants player admitted, "I'm very embarrassed to tell you this. Katie, I accidentally called out the wrong name giving that last rose." Looks like this footballer sustained too many concussions prior to the show's taping.
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The Marriage of Trista Rehn & Ryan Sutter

While the former cheerleader and firefighter make for an adorable match, this duo makes our list of shocking moments simply for the fact that (gasp!) they're still together after ten years. Apparently true love is possible.

What Bachelor/Bachelorette moments did we miss?

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