Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day!

Photo Credit: Karl JuengelPhoto Credit: Karl Juengel
Okay -- so the weather outside isn't that frightful (it's felt like spring in New York this week!), but we could still use a winter-weather drink to warm us up. Thankfully, today's holiday is the perfect excuse to indulge in a hot cup of everyone's favorite childhood drink. If you want to take the homemade... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Use Invisible Shelving

100 days of organization, organizing tipsPhoto: Nicole Gibbons
If storage space is limited in your home, maximize what you do have by working from the ground up -- literally. Invisible shelving is ideal for book storage, since you can group similar items together vertically, without the hassle of installing bulky shelves. How to do it: Place a tall bookcase with invisible floating shelves in your... read more

Daily Dinner Idea: Buffalo Wing Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Photo Credit: The Girl Who Ate EverythingPhoto Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything
Why We Love It: Thanks to the lettuce, these wraps are low-carb and full of protein! Ingredients: 9 Time: 15 minutes Source: The Girl Who Ate Everything Get the Recipe More from The Nest Chicken Lettuce Wraps read more

Organization Tip of the Day: De-Clutter Your Makeup Bag

organize your makeup brushesPhoto:
Rather than stashing your makeup brushes away in your cosmetic bag, organize them in jars with coffee beans. Your makeup bag will be free of clutter and you'll get a chance to show off your beauty loot. Plus the coffee beans will make your room smell nice. How to do it: Get rid of the... read more

Daily Dinner Idea: Maple Glazed Salmon with Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Photo Credit: Ring Finger Tan LinePhoto Credit: Ring Finger Tan Line
Why We Love It: The fish requires only three ingredients and the veggies taste so good, you'll forget that they're actually a health food. Ingredients: 3 Time: 30 minutes Source: Ring Finger Tan Line Get the Recipe More from The Nest read more

Create a Chic Work Space (in Minutes!)

Paying your bills and balancing your checkbook -- fun? Maybe not, but you'll dread these chores less if you're doing them in a workspace that you love. And by work space I don't mean you have to have an entire room to decided to your home office. A cozy nook under your... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Use a Ladder for Shoe Storage

home organization ladderPhoto: Noa Santos
Instead of throwing out that spare ladder, turn it into a shoe rack. Your collection will be nice and tidy, and your shoes will be easily accessible when you want to wear them. How to do it: Look for a vintage ladder or two at your favorite weekend flea market, or on Lean the... read more

Weekly Money Saver: Cut Out The Cable

weekly money saverPhoto: Shutterstock
Okay, okay -- we're just as addicted to Mad Men as the next girl; but when it comes to maintaining a budget, cable seems to constantly get in the way. For creative tips on saving cash (without sacrificing Dexter re-runs), we got the lowdown from the Learnvest staff on read more

Daily Dinner Idea: Jalapeno Beef with Polenta & Chile Sauce

Photo Credit: The Foodie CouplePhoto Credit: The Foodie Couple
Why We Love It: A spicy dinner is a perfect solution to a cold day. Plus, this meal pairs perfectly with a bottle of red. Ingredients: 14 Time: 45 minutes Source: The Foodie Couple Get the Recipe More from The Nest read more

Introducing 100 Days of Organization!

100 Days of OrganizationPhoto: The Nest
You've just gotten married, and you're wondering how to organize all of your newly acquired stuff. Or, perhaps this is the year that you've resolved to create a beautiful closet that actually makes sense (Wouldn't it be nice to find that pair of platforms when you want to wear them?). Maybe you just really love... read more
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