10 Things No One Tells You About Your First Married Christmas

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For some couples, their first married Christmas is exactly like it was when they were dating. Other couples totally change the way they celebrate the holidays–for example, splitting the celebrations between two families for the first time—and encounter the unexpected. To give you a sense of what you might be in for if this is your first Christmas as a Mr. or Mrs., we asked Nesties to share what surprised them most about their first married holiday. (We kept their identities anonymous so they’d be brutally honest!) Here’s what they had to say:

“My husband was utterly clueless about how much work goes into wrapping gifts and cooking!” –C.S.

“He actually took initiative and bought at least half of the Christmas presents we had on our list—even the ones for my family!” –E.B.

“I was dismayed that my MIL gave me a toilet brush and plunger ensemble, along with a furry toilet seat cover.” –D.W.

“I was surprised how both sets of our parents were so unwilling to share us with the new in-laws. It was a calculated battle so that the divided hours were ‘fair.’ –A.K.

“I thought it would be no big deal to go to his parents’ house instead of my parents’ house for Christmas, but I felt a little sad being away from the home that I’ve always associated with the holiday.”—E.M.

“Our families approach the holidays so differently—mine is very laid-back, hers is very strict about traditions—that it was a culture shock for me the first time I experienced the holidays at my in-laws.” –J.O.

“Creating the perfect Christmas card is a full-time project,” –M.R.

“I missed the way my family opened gifts—all at the same time, with talking and showing off their new stuff. It’s so fun! His family goes around in a circle and opens each gift one-by-one while everyone else watches. It’s so much pressure!” –P.S.

“It was very real. For the first time I saw people in his family have the kind of drunken conflicts that only come up during the holidays!” –E.M.

“I couldn’t believe how full I was by the end of the day! We had to go to parties at both my parents’ house and his parents’ house to make everyone happy.” –T.F.

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