Bring the Outdoors Indoors This Winter

Now that it’s cold out, you’re spending lots more time indoors—and maybe missing all the beautiful colors and smells of your favorite plants. But if you choose the right house plants, it’s easy to bring the outdoors indoors, even in winter. It’s healthy for you, too. In fact, house plants filter the air in your home and fight against allergens and dust. Read on for our top tips.

Photo: Joanna Goddard
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Indoor Greens

If you have space in an area that gets good natural light, build your own mini indoor green area. Purchase an open, multi-tiered cart or shelf and place it by a large window. Fill the shelves with indoor plants such as herb topiaries, amaryllis and moth orchids. If you'd like to bring outdoor plants inside, go pro and purchase grow lights to leave on for 10 hours a day.
Photo: Peony St Cloud
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Flower Power

Hosting a dinner party? Add a unique twist to your décor with a flower wall. To do it, you simply arrange dried wildflowers and leaves on twine and tape it to the wall with scotch tape. Arrange them on twine and tape to the wall.
Photo: Lisa Aaron
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Artful Arrangements

For a longer lasting plant wall, arrange potted ivy on wood shelves or plant mounts plant mounts to create an artful arrangement of succulents.
Photo: Heather Lipner
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Simple Pots

Or just go simple and buy yourself some unique potted plants to arrange around the house. Some of my favorites: the Boston fern, the grafted cactus, the polka dot plant, the jade plant and an avocado plant.

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