5 Tips to Creating Your Dream Closet

I day dream about closets on a regular basis. I love to find amazing closet photos to pin and inspire me. My closets are my havens, and I reorganize them every season. Every time I move, I’m thrilled to create my next dream closet.

I don’t think of closets in a traditional sense. I define a closet as as anything that holds and organizes my belongings, cabinet sized or larger. You can have a cosmetic closet, a shoe closet and a jewelry closet. You just need to be sure that it’s well-organized, so you can find what you need right when you need it.

Check out these top five tips for making your closets amazing.

organized closetPhoto: Douglas Friedman / The Nest
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Color code your closet

Organizing your items by color looks beautiful, and it makes things easy to find. I especially love to color code handbags. They're often the most expensive part of your outfit, so treat them right! Do not pack away your bags in drawers or hang them. Preserve them well by stacking them together evenly by size or color on a dedicated shelf.
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Or, create an alternate system

Although arranging your items by color looks best, you can also consider organizing them by season, size or style--whatever works best for you. This photo of a shoe closet, for example, shows the high-tops sandwiching the low- tops. I like to store my favorite shoes on the bottom two rows, where they're most accessible.
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Make a mini closet for extra storage

Create a mini closet for the items you love most. Purchase a $60 rack from Target and place in a convenient area. If it's on display, mix your everyday pieces with a few jaw-dropping statement pieces to make your house guests j-e-a-l-o-u-s.
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Or, create a freestanding closet

The freestanding closet rack is one of my absolute favorites, especially if the closet in your bedroom is tiny. To make one, pick up some copper tubing at your local hardware or art store, wire it up and install in your ceiling. Bonus points for fancy hangers.
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Make a cosmetics closet

Your morning routine may involve 13 different products, from face wash and toner to lip gloss and perfume. Arrange it all in a beautiful way on at least two drawers or shelves, buy some trays and organize by type.

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