Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pills: Coming to a Pharmacy Near You?


Imagine purchasing a pack of birth control pills over-the-counter, just like you would a box of cold medicine. No more prescriptions needed. No more panicked calls to your ob-gyn for a refill after-hours. And, perhaps, fewer occasions where you would skip your birth control because you couldn’t get it, putting yourself at risk for an unwanted pregnancy.

Although making the pill that accessible is still a ways off, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has just announced their support of prescription-free birth control pills. And that means that the dream of not having to hassle with a ‘script for your pills could be a reality sooner rather than later.

ACOG is supporting prescription-free birth control pills for a good reason. Accidental pregnancies are still a major public health problem, according to Dr. Kavita Nanda, an ob-gyn who co-authored the opinion for the doctors group. And, the doctors say, easier access to birth control pills could help change that.

Would over-the-counter birth control pills make you more vigilant about taking your birth control?