Hukkster: An End to Deal Email Overload?


Exciting news for online shoppers. The Manhattan-based Hukkster, the site that lets you “hukk” (think “like” or “pin”) items on e-commerce sites to receive alerts when they go on sale, has just received a $750,000 investment. The seed money comes from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twins who famously sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and received a $65 million settlement. Their investment was announced on The Today Show this morning by Hukkster founders Katie Bell and Erica Finnegan.

“As investors we were drawn to the problem that Erica and Katie are solving,” the brothers told Forbes. “They have empowered consumers to ‘pull’ only the deals they want and shop on their own terms instead of having to deal with an incessant barrage of poorly targeted and unwanted deals.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the brothers are right–and Hukkster takes off. Fewer emails to check means more time for us to shop. Will you sign up for Hukkster?

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