Create a Cozy Nook in Your Home

Got the new iPad mini but don’t have a comfy & quiet place to play with it? Have a desk, but feel like you don’t have an office? Need a place near your front door for coats & mail?

If you’re nookless, then no worries! In our new Basic Training series, we’ll breakdown how easy it is to accomplish household tasks. This week, we’ll show you how to create your something out of nothing. Here are some handy tips on solving space issues by inventing your very own gorgeous & cool nook.

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Step 1:

Determine your goal. Is to relax, organize, or work?
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Step 2:

Find a corner, secluded area or recessed spot in your home.
Photo: Uncovet
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Step 3:

Make the space. You can do this with your hero piece -- either a chair, desk or bench. Backdrop the space with wallpaper, paintings, or drop pendant.
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Step 4:

Surround the hero piece. Try a floor lamp, plant and/or small table and decor objects. Don't forget a unique final touch to make everyone oohh and ahhh. Could be an awesome blanket, decor object or rug.

What would you like to see in our new Basic Training series? From arranging flowers to learning the correct way to chop an onion, let us know what basics you need to know!

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