Last-Minute Ideas for Your Election Party

Still not sure what to serve your election party guests? We’ve come up with a red, white, and blue celebration that everyone will love–regardless of which side of the aisle they’re on. (And, yes, you still have plenty of time to pull it off!) Check out our patriotic party ideas,  and let us know what you think!

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Mix up your menu by serving up a buffet of foods inspired by each candidate's home state. Try deep dish pizza and Chicago style hotdogs for Obama and lobster rolls and clam chowder for Romney. (Don't forget about dessert -- we love these mini-flag cupcakes!)
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Bored with the standard martini or cocktail? Try these presidential favorites. For the Obamatini, just mix up 2 parts vodka, 1 part blue curacao and lime juice. Mix 1 part grapefruit vodka and ruby grapefruit juice for a Romney on the Rocks.
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With high tension and even higher hopes, hosting an election party can be nerve-wracking. If a guest cracks a politically offensive joke, it's best to laugh it off and change the subject. Keeping mum about your vote? Tell nosy guests you'd rather not discuss your presidential pick.
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If you're looking to use up those leftover July 4th decorations, then an election party is the perfect occasion. Play up your patriotism with American flags, red tablecloths, blue runners, and a map of the U.S.
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To spice up the evening (after all, politics can get boring), invite your guest to participate in presidential trivia. You can also blow up an interactive map and update the states as the winners are announced.

How do you plan on celebrating election night?

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