Bobby Flay Heating Things Up on the Today Show

Bobby Flay launches a new how to cook series on the Today Show. Photo from Bobby Flay launches a new how to cook series on the Today Show. Photo from

We love a hot guy who can cook, so we’re digging Bobby Flay’s new segment on the Today Show. Host Savannah Guthrie is seeking the superstar chef’s help in her quest to be a gourmet cook. And since we’re always on the lookout for fresh dinner ideas, we plan to tune in all week.

Yesterday Guthrie showed off her mad microwave skills, which seem to be the extent of her cooking prowess, so Flay has his work cut out for him. He started his cooking lessons this morning by demonstrating how to make chicken stock and tomato sauce–the key, he said, to so many dishes.

“Homemade chicken stock is really easy to do, it’s the basis of all cooking, the first thing you learn to make in cooking school,” he explained. “If you buy chicken stock in the store it’s going to have a lot of sodium in it and maybe sugar, and there’s not going to be the natural gelatin from the bones of the chicken.”

Flay’s chicken stock demo was so good we actually learned a thing or two. Unfortunately his tomato sauce demo was a bust — he spent too much time schooling Guthrie on chopping onion and the segment got cut short.

Here’s to hoping Flay gets through his lesson tomorrow! Will you be tuning in with us, or is there another celeb chef you prefer to watch?

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