Chores May Put Your Marriage at Risk

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Plan on tying those apron strings a little tighter, since a recent study shows that divorce rates are higher among couples who split household chores. Now, I know what you’re thinking: But my husband looks so good with a mop in hand! Trust us, they all do.

The study raises the question of “whether or not an egalitarian division of housework promotes marital stability.” According to the research, a “traditional” division of labor is such that a woman carries the bulk of the household chores. Findings showed no association between this traditional take on housework and a lower risk of divorce; however, the risk of a split is higher when the man does as much or more of the chores compared with his wife.

Essentially, the study is hinting that untraditional couples run a greater risk of the dreaded “D”-word. Researchers attribute differences in values and attitudes as a likely cause of separation. So-called traditional couples “may hold a high value of marriage and a more traditional attitude toward divorce,” the study claims. “Untraditional couples, where he does most of the housework, may hold a less traditional or more modern view about marriage, where marital dissatisfaction more easily leads to divorce.”

Call us old-fashioned, but somehow we don’t believe that sharing laundry duty could put your marriage in such a delicate state. As if a few extra dirty dishes could push a relationship into dangerous territory.

Read on to find out how readers over on our community boards divvy up their housework:

“He helps, and I would say it’s divided 50/50. We don’t have “assigned” or “designated” chores for each of us; we just do what needs to be done.” — SPK926

“We’ve worked it out in our house so that it’s balanced. One cooks; the other cleans up. One does the laundry; the other folds it. We both have certain areas that are our individual responsibilities. We also compromised on what an acceptable level of cleanliness is for the house.” — scherzo

“Housework is just something that doesn’t occur to my husband to do. He’ll gladly help out when asked. He’s picked out a few ‘chores’ he does on his own. But oftentimes when he helps, I’d just as soon he didn’t, because he does it half-assed or gets in my way.” — nsfw

“The idea that cleaning would be my husband ‘helping’ me around the house seems very sexist to me. It implies that it is my job or responsibility. It is no more my job than his to keep our home clean and running.” — sarajoy12345

“Instead of contributing financially, I clean the house, grocery shop and make dinner.” — MsBecs29

What do you think of the results of the study? Do you and your partner split the chores, or does the weight fall more on one person?

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