Periodic Table of Cocktails

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Ever stop mid-sip to consider how many calories that mimosa is costing you? (Us neither). Our list of happy hour favorites is never ending, which means unlimited options as well as unlimited calories from fat.

But if you’re normally torn between a spicy bloody mary or a sweet appletini, you can now make a more health conscious choice thanks to the folks over at Hellawella. The healthy living site created a handy Periodic Table of Cocktails to help you decipher how your cocktail ranks in terms of carbs, sugar and fat.

The key thing to remember — according to the website — is that “the higher the alcohol content in your liquor, the higher the calories. To cut back on calories and sugar, choose mixers like soda water, diet tonic, lemon juice or lime juice — or simply dilute the drink with water.”

What we love most is that the table puts an unexpected twist on our high school science days (who can forget those lab goggles?). To be honest, we’d much rather study champagne instead of chromium.

(To view the Periodic Table of Cocktails in its entirety, visit Hellawella’s website)

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