Geek Chic Home Decor

If your idea of a good time involves sitting at home immersed in the Star Trek commentary, these home decor picks are right up your geeky (albeit, chic) alley. While we don’t recommend hanging light sabers from the wall, we are advocates of home design that reflects your interests — even if they are a bit well, nerdy. So rev up the DeLorean — where we’re going we don’t need roads.

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Death Star Cookie Jar

Any member of the Galactic Empire would love this kitchen accessory.
Photo: Knob Creek Metal Arts / The Nest
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Alien Bookends

These bookends come in a handful of themes, including zombies, robots and extra terrestrials for all of your apocalyptic needs.
Photo: Damn Good Doormats / The Nest
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Lord of the Rings Doormat

Show your excitement for the soon to be released Hobbit movie with this LOTR reference.
Photo: The Elegant Wall / The Nest
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Kitchen Elements

While you may not enjoy memorizing the elements, these five add up to one of our favorite rooms.
Photo: Amber Whitney / The Nest
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TARDIS clock

Only fellow Whovians would recognize this Police Box. Sadly the Doctor is not included.
Photo: Beth Cummings / The Nest
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Tech Pillows

Reboot your room by adding a few throw pillows to your space.
Photo: Pani Jurek / The Nest
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Test Tube Chandelier

Why would you want to join the dark side when you can have a light like this? If we had learned how to make this in high school, science class would have been much more interesting.
Photo: Brave Space Design / The Nest
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Tetris Storage

Not in the mood for ordinary storage? Indulge in some nostalgia and work with this Tetris storage from Brave Space Design.
Photo: The Skep / The Nest
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Harry Potter Lamp

This light is made entirely out of pages from the books of the Harry Potter series. What bibliophile wouldn't love that?

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