Beer and Coffee Fans Rejoice

Photo: Veer Images / The NestPhoto: Veer Images / The Nest
We're not sure who the lucky one is that gets to invent all of these National Holidays, but between National Chocolate Milkshake Day and National Cheeseburger Day, we're finding it hard to pick a favorite. Speaking of lesser-known holidays, today is National Drink a Beer Day! Conveniently enough, it falls on... read more

Periodic Table of Cocktails

Photo: HellaWella.comPhoto:
Ever stop mid-sip to consider how many calories that mimosa is costing you? (Us neither). Our list of happy hour favorites is never ending, which means unlimited options as well as unlimited calories from fat. But if you're normally torn between a spicy bloody mary or a sweet appletini, you can now make... read more

Jalapeno Cornbread Poppers

Photo: Oh, Bite It / The NestPhoto: Oh, Bite It / The Nest
Just when we thought cornbread couldn't get any better, we stumbled upon these bite-sized spicy treats. For those Nesties with a daring palate, check out these jalapeno cornbread poppers we found on Pinterest. Instead of adding green peppers to the cornbread itself, Amy from Oh Bite It chose to turn... read more

DIY Shiny, Healthy Hair
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Avocado and Honey

Feeling creative in the kitchen? This avocado and honey recipe will get your kitchen messy and your hair gorge. The combination of avacado, which contains unsaturated oils to moisturize, and honey, a moisture retainer will definitely make your locks love you. Mix one medium avocado with two tablespoons of honey until completely combined. Then work the mix through your hair from root to tip. Rinse out and shampoo and condition as normal.

Did you know that you can use eggs, beer, vinegar, avocados and honey to make your hair super shiny (not all together, though. Yuck). Use these amahhhhzing DIY treatments tonight to make people stare tomorrow.
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The Great Name Change Debate

Photo: Jupiter Images / The NestPhoto: Jupiter Images / The Nest
To change, or not to change, that is the question. You’ve been practicing writing your name since you were forced to learn cursive at the age of six, so just how easy would it be to start signing something different? If you plan on changing your maiden name to that of your husbands... read more

The Nest Guide to Beer Glasses

Photo: Spiegelau / The NestPhoto: Spiegelau / The Nest
Planning a get together sans solo cups? For a classier alternative to that red college staple, we suggest investing in new beer glasses. A recent beer tasting with Spiegelau opened our eyes to the difference a mere glass makes. Not only can glasses change the appearance of your drink,... read more

Geek Chic Home Decor

If your idea of a good time involves sitting at home immersed in the Star Trek commentary, these home decor picks are right up your geeky (albeit, chic) alley. While we don’t recommend hanging light sabers from the wall, we are advocates of home design that reflects your interests — even if they are a bit well, nerdy. So rev up the DeLorean — where we’re going we don’t need roads.

Photo: The Awesomer / The Nest
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Death Star Cookie Jar

Any member of the Galactic Empire would love this kitchen accessory.

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How to Deal With a Suffocating Sister-in-Law

Photo: Jupiter Images / The NestPhoto: Jupiter Images / The Nest
Let’s face it: Girls don’t often play nice. But what happens when one of those "girls" is a grown adult who just so happens to be your spouse’s sister? While mothers-in-law are one thing, a relationship with your sister-in-law can be even trickier to navigate. It seems that mothers are often all-too-eager to... read more

Pinterest Pick: Corn and Chicken Chowder

Photo: Buns in My Oven / The NestPhoto: Buns in My Oven / The Nest
In case you haven't noticed, we're almost too excited for the approaching change of seasons. Since fall is all about comfort food and cool weather (don't forget the fashion!), we're drooling over this hearty soup. We found this recipe for Corn & Chicken Chowder on Pinterest from the blog, Buns in My Oven.... read more

How Did You Two Meet?

Photo: Jupiter ImagesPhoto: Jupiter Images
Ah, the meet-cute. That moment when two destined individuals are brought together for the first time, marking the beginning of the rest of their lives. If you prefer the less cheesy version, it’s simply the point when you and your partner met, whether it be at a bar, a beach or a birthday... read more
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