Nestie Rant of the Week: Chores

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There’s been a whole lot of talk about the unavoidable over on The Nest community boards. Bills, arguments, the inevitable end of summer — you name it, and chances are readers are not looking forward to it. Perhaps the most common dread-worthy task is — you guessed it — chores. From laundry and dishes to sweeping and scrubbing, it’s clear that grown adults dread household chores just as much as the five-year-old who’s told to pick up her room.
Here’s a peek at what tiresome tasks peeve Nesties the most:

I hate a lot of chores, but the worst one for me is dishes. It’s like a never ending pile. I would change over to paper plates/plastic silverware if I didn’t care about ruining the earth.” — babygrl5507

“Ironing! The pile gets bigger and bigger until I give in and do it. The whole idea of it is just awful!” — boxofdelights

I don’t mind doing laundry; I don’t mind folding it, but actually putting it away on shelves/in drawers/on hangers is the WORST!” — AurorasEnvy

Cleaning the outside of the toilet. It makes me gag.” — Santorini2011

I absolutely hate vacuuming! I haven’t vacuumed my house myself in years, that’s my husband’s chore. I don’t know why but ever since I was little I have been scared of the vacuum. I hate the noise I guess.” — Knena21

Laundry or cleaning the shower. I would rather scrub 100 men’s toilets. Oddly enough, I don’t mind toilets.” — Aussie*s_Mom

Dishes! I have a dishwasher but it’s all the pots and pans and dishes you have to wash by hand. It drives me crazy! They are neverending.” — Skooled917

I was thinking of hiring someone to do my least favorite chore, but I hate them all so much it’s tough to pick.” — Jenny33

What chores do you despise the most? How do you motivate yourself (and your partner!) to clean up around the house?

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