Big Style for Small Spaces

Despite the obvious perks of urban life, city spaces are often cramped and difficult to furnish. Luckily, Restoration Hardware offers up a solution in their latest collection: BIG STYLE/small spaces. Available online beginning August 30, the smaller-scale pieces will include new mid-century styles and color finishes. Pieces include floor chandeliers, utility lighting and leather silhouettes that are ideal for those willing to give up space without sacrificing style. Quite simply, it’s fine design meets function.

“We call it a collection of epic proportions,” said Creator and Curator Gary Friedman. “And good design is all about proportions.”

Photo: Restoration Hardware
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Fine Dining

Aero Round Dining Table: $1,295
Photo: Restoration Hardware
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Chic Seating

Danish Bentwood Stained Chairs: $79
Photo: Restoration Hardware
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Spacious Sofas

Madsen Sofa: $2,995
Photo: Restoration Hardware
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Dining Decor

1900s Boulangerie Dining Extension Table: $895

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