Study Reveals Stressed Men Favor Heavier Women


We’ve always assumed that all men had a concrete “type.” Whether it’s thin, blond, short or leggy, it seems that their preference is unwavering. However, a new study published by the journal PLOS ONE indicates that a man’s judgment of human attractiveness is subject to change. Simply put, changing environmental conditions can affect the way he views your curves.

The study set out to research the effects of stress on a man’s perception of the female body. Men with heightened stress levels were assessed on how they rated the attractiveness of women ranging from stick-thin to morbidly obese. Compared with the preferences of less-stressed men, those with elevated tension preferred women with a heavier BMI.

Women everywhere can now rest assured knowing that men aren’t always attracted to supermodel-esque females. But even though there’s proof that stressed men prefer extra pounds, we’re curious to know how a woman under pressure perceives her man’s weight.

Does your husband notice when you’ve gained weight? Have you noticed the impact of stress on his size preference?

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