Snooki’s a Mom — Now Who Will Babysit?

Jersey Shore star Snooki became a mother Sunday night after she welcomed a healthy, 6-pound baby boy. While we couldn’t be more excited for the candid reality star, our immediate (and horrified) thoughts centered on who would serve as little Lorenzo’s babysitter. After assessing the potential diaper-changing abilities of the show’s cast members, here’s our take on who would be the best sitter for Snooki’s new bundle of joy:

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Mike "The Situation"

Gym, tan, Lorenzo? Doubtful. As one of the oldest cast members of the bunch, you would think that The Situation would be the best equipped for fatherhood. Unfortunately, this ladies' man is only interested in women and an obscene amount of hair gel.
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It may be hard to believe, but beneath Jenni’s tough-girl exterior there’s a nurturing, maternal figure waiting to emerge (okay, we could be wrong). Since JWoww and Snooks are the closest two members of the Jersey Shore cast, we can bet the new mom already has her good friend on sitter speed dial.
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Ronnie & Sammi

Maybe a babysitting gig is just what this tumultuous couple needs. Not only would a newborn test their patience with each other, but the two could finally find out if they’re fit to be parents.
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This fun-loving 24-year-old would be the best fit for babysitting. A self-proclaimed “mama’s boy,” Vinny would bring the perfect mix of responsibility and entertainment to the (changing) table.
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Is it just us, or does Deena seem too tiny to fit the bill of big, bossy babysitter? Somehow we doubt this pint-size partier could spend the night on diaper duty without needing a cigarette break.
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Pauly D

It only makes sense that DJ Pauly D would allow Snooki’s baby boy to fall asleep to house music rather than lullabies. That, or Lorenzo’s first words would be, “Cabs are here!”