Nestie Tip of the Week: Feeling the Pressure to Have Kids?

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the…wait a second.

Not every couple is ready for diaper duty right after they say “I do.” But that doesn’t stop your parents and in-laws from asking the infamous question: “So, when are you going to give us grandkids?”

Check out these tips on our Family Matters message board from other Nesties on how to dodge the ever-present baby question:

  • “Next time someone asks when you are having kids, just ask them if they wax their privates or how often they have sex. Then when the shock leaves their face, say: ‘Maybe we can just agree to not ask each other personal questions.’” tobysnuggles
  • “Stop explaining it to people. They mention kids? You say: ‘That’s between my husband and me. We aren’t going to discuss it with you.’” EastCoastBride
  • “My family and close friends know our timeline for kids and don’t bug us very often. It’s those nice church ladies that get up in our business. One asked me if I was pregnant, I guess I looked fat in the dress I was wearing.” — srgw
  • “Don’t give them explanations, because then you invite them to pick apart your answer and push you more. It gives the impression that they have a right to know your reproductive plans to begin with.” Maybride2
  • “My MIL (mother-in-law) is the worst (she told people at our wedding that she wants her grandchild to be born by nine months after the wedding), but even she has stopped ragging on me because I just won’t get into it.” —toothpastechica

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