Celebrate National Rum Day With Dessert!

strawberry, pie, rum, national rum day Photo: Brooklyn Galley

In case you haven’t heard, today is National Rum Day! While the obvious choice to celebrate the holiday might be with a cocktail (Mai Tai anyone?), we suggest that you pair your tropical drink with these pint-sized treats.

We found this easy strawberry rum mini-pie recipe on Pinterest with a little help from the Brooklyn Galley blog. To make the pies, “Combine the strawberries with the dark rum over medium-low heat,” writes Brooklyn Galley blogger Diana. “Use a round cookie cutter and cut out twelves circles. Line the circles in the greased mini muffin pan. Fill each of the lined cups with fresh strawberries and the cooled strawberry-rum mixture.”

Like anything of miniature size, you can have a handful of these delectable treats without feeling guilty! For the full recipe, visit BrooklynGalley.com.

How do you plan on celebrating National Rum Day? Share your recipes with us!

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