Nestie Rant of the Week: Dealing With Your Partner’s Bad Habits

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Whether it’s leaving laundry on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink, we all have more annoying habits than we’d like to admit. When it comes to your partner, however, their obnoxious tendencies can become more glaringly obvious as your marriage goes on. Just remember, one of the keys to maintaining a successful marriage is learning to accept your partner — no matter how aggravating their flaws may be.

Check out these rants from other Nesties on our Married Life message board and be thankful you don’t have to deal with these irritating quirks:

  • My husband does the ‘in a minute’ excuse.  Half an hour or more later, I just end up doing it myself.  The worst is when I ask him to get something right next to him within his arm reach and he says ‘in a minute’ when he’s not actively in the middle of something.” — mmcarthy5
  • “My husband smacks his lips extremely loud when eating food he loves. He says it makes it ‘taste better.’ At this point, I just simply shake my head because there’s nothing I can do.” — foxrider1693
  • When my husband blows his nose, it sounds like a moose (I’m not kidding!). I laugh about it now and call it his moose call, but I still get a bit embarrassed when he does it in public.” — 2012FutureMrsB
  • My husband always feels the need to clip his toenails RIGHT AFTER I just vacuumed the carpet.  He has a trash can near him, but honestly, I think one-tenth of the toenails actually go in there.” — EmilyK1116
  • This only annoys me when I’m trying to talk to him and feel like he is nodding and not listening, but my husband ALWAYS “plays golf” in his head. I know he is doing this because he stands there swinging an imaginary golf club!  It doesn’t bother me unless I’m trying to talk to him though!” — Erinm278
  • My husband throws dirty clothes on the floor a few feet away from the laundry basket. I’ve seen a ton of improvement in this area because I do all the laundry, and I don’t wash items that aren’t in the laundry basket.” — srgw
  • My husband eats in bed. Not when I’m home because he knows I can’t stand it and find it disgusting, but I will come home and find wrappers and bottles hidden under the bed! He rolls his eyes when I mention it, but honestly it drives me crazy because he doesn’t even clean up after himself!” — DanniLynn88
  •  “My husband is a neat freak…not an annoying quality, but when it’s almost at OCD level it’s annoying. He is so clean and organized that I can’t have one piece of paper out on our desk without him asking why it’s there.” — ramcheer55

Nesties, does your partner have any annoying habits? How do you deal?

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