Want Better Online Deals? Shop on This Day!

Photo: Stockbyte/The Nest Photo: Stockbyte/The Nest

If you have your credit card number memorized, chances are it isn’t for security reasons as much as it is to facilitate your online shopping habit. We know…we’ve been there.

Between shopping for books, boots, housewares and handbags, the ease and appeal of online shopping is both tempting and wallet-draining. Not only must you remember where to shop, but a savvy online buyer must know how to finagle their way into free shipping and weekly coupons — phew!

With so many factors coming into play, no wonder it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the idea of shopping for your must-haves online. Luckily, the insightful shopping bloggers at Extrabux dug up some useful information on what to buy and when.

After spending two years gathering price data, the hard-earned results show that prices of specific goods can fluctuate on any given day of the week. Take computers, for instance. If you’re purchasing electronics online, stick to Mondays. Buying televisions and digital cameras earlier in the week will guarantee you the lowest prices. Sunday is ideal for spending money on major appliances; while jewelry is best bought on Wednesdays. For the bookworms out there (us included), Extrabux suggests you’ll snag your cheapest reads on Saturdays.

Have you come across any price trends while shopping online? What is your favorite online shopping destination?

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