Sex and Sunshine: Where You Should Be Hooking Up

National Romance Month

No, we’re not suggesting an impromptu romp in a tanning bed. Rather, we’re referencing the good ‘ol outdoors.

Thanks to the hardworking researchers over at LifeStyles, we gained some interesting insight into the sex lives — and locations — of others. It turns out that 60% of women have confessed to hooking up in the great outdoors while only 55% of men admitted to the same dirty deed.

Those numbers immediately made us wonder if the remaining 40% of women were fibbing or whether they needed to seriously step outside of their comfort zones. So, your to-do for this weekend: sex—outside.

We just so happen to have a how-to guide on doing the deed outdoors. Here are the finer points:

  • Doing it on the beach is a do, but keep it quick and straightforward. Plus, the sand will add some spice to your sex life and your beauty routine– it does a great job of exfoliating knees and elbows!
  • Avoid pools and hot tubs. Oddly enough, having sex in the water actually dries out natural lubrication.
  • A better option: the lifeguard stand. You and your partner will enjoy the scenery without the drawbacks of scratchy sand.

Tell us, where is your favorite hookup spot? Have you and your spouse ever gotten caught?

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