Is This the Source of Your Arguments?

Photo: Veer / The NestPhoto: Veer / The Nest
It’s not children, in-laws or the fact that your partner refuses to scrub the toilet. Instead, the real source behind clashing couples can be found in your wallet. In a new survey conducted by XO Group Inc. and Chase Card Services, over 2,000 engaged, married or pregnant women revealed the root cause of... read more

Nestie Rant of the Week: Chores

Photo: Getty Images / The NestPhoto: Getty Images / The Nest
There’s been a whole lot of talk about the unavoidable over on The Nest community boards. Bills, arguments, the inevitable end of summer -- you name it, and chances are readers are not looking forward to it. Perhaps the most common dread-worthy task is -- you guessed it -- read more

Live Chat with Sleep Experts (And Giveaways, Too!)

Photo: Sleep NumberPhoto: Sleep Number
Are you struggling to get a good night's sleep? Does counting sheep just not cut it? There are few things more refreshing than catching some quality shut eye. Unfortunately, undisturbed sleep can be hard to come by -- which is why we're bringing in the... read more

Labor Day Eats: Bacon Jalapeño Chicken Bites

Photo: saladinajar.comPhoto:
Thanks to these caramel cheesecake bars, we took a brief hiatus from sharing our favorite grilling recipes for Labor Day. However, while we're suckers for dessert, we're even bigger fans of anything bacon -- especially this recipe for bacon-wrapped jalapeño chicken bites. A little spicy, slightly cheesy and packed with flavor,... read more

Big Style for Small Spaces

Despite the obvious perks of urban life, city spaces are often cramped and difficult to furnish. Luckily, Restoration Hardware offers up a solution in their latest collection: BIG STYLE/small spaces. Available online beginning August 30, the smaller-scale pieces will include new mid-century styles and color finishes. Pieces include floor chandeliers, utility lighting and leather silhouettes that are ideal for those willing to give up space without sacrificing style. Quite simply, it’s fine design meets function.

“We call it a collection of epic proportions,” said Creator and Curator Gary Friedman. “And good design is all about proportions.”

Photo: Restoration Hardware
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Fine Dining

Aero Round Dining Table: $1,295

Plus more from The Nest:

5 Golden Rules of Renovation

15 Best Nestie Bedrooms

Living Room Inspiration

Labor Day Eats: Caramel Cheesecake Bars

Photo: madewithpink.comPhoto:
With Labor Day festivities quickly approaching, we thought we'd deviate from standard grilling recipes to share this indulgent dessert. Equal parts salty and sweet, these caramel cheesecake bars were created by Andrea from Made with Pink: "These bars are the perfect fix; the fleur de sel really brings out... read more

Sneak Peek: The Shops at Target Fall


Target is well-known for its collaborations with big name designers like Isaac Mizrahi and Missoni. However, the big box retailer is trying a different approach and teaming up with small shop owners to create limited edition collections, known as The Shops at Target, that express each shop’s vision and personality. On September 9th, the second edition of The Shops at Target will hit stores. In fashion, you’ll find men’s clothing from Odin and women’s clothing from Kirna Zabete, two New York City boutiques. On the home front, you’ll discover home accessories from PATCH NYC of Boston and San Francisco’s The Curiosity Shoppe. Here, we give you a sneak peek at the offerings from PATCH NYC and The Curiosity Shoppe:

Target Curiosity Shop ceramicPhoto: Target
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Diner Dishes

Silhouetted Silverware Snack Plates, $4 each, The Curiosity Shoppe for Target
Café au Lait Mugs/Bowls, $6 each, The Curiosity Shoppe for Target

Snooki’s a Mom — Now Who Will Babysit?

Jersey Shore star Snooki became a mother Sunday night after she welcomed a healthy, 6-pound baby boy. While we couldn’t be more excited for the candid reality star, our immediate (and horrified) thoughts centered on who would serve as little Lorenzo’s babysitter. After assessing the potential diaper-changing abilities of the show’s cast members, here’s our take on who would be the best sitter for Snooki’s new bundle of joy:

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Mike "The Situation"

Gym, tan, Lorenzo? Doubtful. As one of the oldest cast members of the bunch, you would think that The Situation would be the best equipped for fatherhood. Unfortunately, this ladies' man is only interested in women and an obscene amount of hair gel.

Study Reveals Stressed Men Favor Heavier Women

We've always assumed that all men had a concrete “type.” Whether it's thin, blond, short or leggy, it seems that their preference is unwavering. However, a new study published by the journal PLOS ONE indicates that a man’s judgment of human attractiveness is subject to change. Simply put, changing environmental conditions can affect the way he... read more

Recipe of the Week: Strawberry Ice

Photo: Joy the BakerPhoto: Joy the Baker
Let's face it -- recipes are complicated. Between baking, rolling, pressing, beating or just plain slicing, some recipes call for more elbow grease than ingredients. Thankfully, we found these simple strawberry ice cubes on Pinterest courtesy of Joy the Baker. Not only are they perfect for those end-of-summer read more
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