Is Friday the 13th Lousy or Lucky for Love?

friday the 13th Photo: HandsOnBlog

Well, today is that day some of us dread for no reason in particular: Friday the 13th.

There are two schools of thought: One is that this day is spooky and weird (cue the Jason Voorhees music). Some buildings don’t have a 13th floor because they consider it a bad omen.

Others look forward to this once-in-a-while phenomenon. Certain religions, like Judaism, even celebrate the number 13.

According to our sister site, The Knot, Friday the 13th is “not a couples’ wedding date of choice.” But Nesties on our community boards seem to like the day — even being superstitious in reverse, feeling that it’s a lucky day.

So what do you think: When it comes to love, is Friday the 13th a lucky day or a throwaway?