The 5-Step Low-Calorie Cocktail Makeover

low-cal-summer-cocktail Photo: Grey Goose/Nick Mautone

1. Use seltzer instead of tonic. Seltzer is simply carbonated water. If you must have tonic, opt for a naturally sweetened version or a diet tonic, which contains zero calories.

This recipe for a Grey Goose Le Citron Lemongrass cocktail is a great tonic- or seltzer-based summer drink.)

2. Opt for agave nectar instead of sugar. It’s a low-calorie sweetener with a low glycemic index — meaning your body digests it more slowly and doesn’t need to produce as much fat-storing insulin.

Use agave nectar in this Grey Goose Le Citron Summer’s Peak cocktail!

3. Use a lower-proof vodka. You may think drinking vodka instead of darker liquors is a low-calorie alternative — and you’d be right. But did you know that the higher the proof, the more calories the vodka carries? The reasoning is simple: It contains more alcohol!

Pour some low-cal vodka into this Poison Ivy cocktail recipe; it gets its kick from cayenne pepper.

4. Use smaller glasses. Think of alcoholic beverages the same way you’d think of meals, and use portion control. Just like smaller plates helps you keep your dinner portions under control, small glasses will help you regulate the amount of alcohol you drink — and basically trick you into drinking less.

Serve up this Camellia cocktail in a martini glass to keep your portions down.

5. Dilute your drink. Reduce the sugar and calories in your fruit juice mixer but cutting it with seltzer or water.

Dilute the grapefruit juice in this Blushing Lady cocktail with a bit of calorie-free club soda.

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