Deciphering the Label: How to Pick the Best Sunscreen

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If you find yourself in the health and beauty section of your local Whole Foods market standing in front of five shelves of 18 different brands of sunblock, take a deep breath. Consider the following points to help you make an informed purchasing decision: Broad Spectrum Protection Look for a non-chemical, non-nano sunscreen that has... read more

What’s In Store @ Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma is known for professional quality cookware and kitchen appliances. This summer, the brand goes beyond cooking to cultivating with its recently-launched Agrarian collection, which includes heirloom seeds, live plants, raised beds and even chicken coops. Plus, a new line of canning and preserving tools and accessories help customers preserve the best of summer. (Williams-Sonoma is even hosting canning classes at all of its stores in July and August). In addition to the homegrown goodness, we’re loving the company’s tools that embrace summer cooking and tableware that is bursting with color.

Before you hit the store, check out the best of Williams-Sonoma′s new summer goods here:

La-Med-Melamine-Dinner-PlatesPhoto: Williams-Sonoma
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Picnic Plates

At first glance, your guests will think you’ve set the table with artisan made ceramics, but these pretty plates are actually made from unbreakable melamine! La Med melamine dinner plates, $59.95 for set of 4,

How To Throw a Gold-Medal-Worthy Olympics Party

With the Olympics opening ceremony broadcasting tomorrow night, why not get your friends together and throw a gold medal-worthy bash? Here are our ideas for throwing a winning bash.

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Food: International Flavor 

To get that eclectic Olympics flavor, arrange for potluck-style buffet of international foods. Ask each of your guests bring a dish that represents their favorite global cuisine. Here are some of our favorite options. • US: Set up a good old-fashioned grill out! Have one of your guests make a few different types of party-friendly sliders. Another summery, all-American food is watermelon. Not only is this fruit so delicious this time of year, but it’s also very easy to cut into rings to simulate the Olympics logo! • Japan: Trysushi rolls with roe in various colors to simulate the hues of the Olympics rings. If you’re making this at home, you can get the roe at any specialty grocery store. Or set up a sushi-making station with kits for everyone to make their own individual and unique rolls. • Greece: Greek cuisine is great for vegetarian guests. We have some delicious falafel complete with dips in the colors of Olympic rings. • France: Quiche is something that's super-easy to place on a platter -- and you don’t have to worry about keeping it at a certain temperature. This traditional French fare is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. • Italy: Make some pizza at home with colored toppings for the rings. You can even have your guests make their own with whatever toppings they prefer and bake it for them. Dessert: Olympian Colors For dessert, use the Olympics rings as your theme for decorating cupcake cakes, sugar cookie displays and doughnuts! We love these options: • Cookies with icing and fruit for rings • Cupcakes with icing to create the rings • Donuts with colored frosting • Cream puffs stuffed with colored fillings

A Look Inside The Lives of the 1%

Photo: Blog.SundancenowPhoto: Blog.Sundancenow
While most homeowners are content with one kitchen, others of the filthy rich variety possess an insatiable need for more. More money, more space, and above all -- more bathrooms. In a new documentary that’s both voyeuristic and compassionate, filmmaker Lauren Greenfield captures the spending and setbacks of a well-off family in fierce pursuit of... read more

How to Preserve Your Hair from the Summer Sun

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From the sun's harmful UV rays to maintaining overall scalp health, the summer months call for special haircare. Here are my tips on preserving your mane this season: • It's best to cover your hair and scalp 100% with a hat or scarf. • Healthy hair is produced from a healthy scalp. Be sure to... read more

10 Accessories for National Ice Cream Month

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” No matter what your political leanings are, you can probably stand behind President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 proclamation that July is National Ice Cream month. From Cherry Garcia to plain vanilla to dairy-free coconut versions, there’s an icy treat for every taste.

In celebration of this month of frozen treats, we rounded up ten ice cream accessories that take ice cream eating to the next level:

Uncommon Goods ice cream holderPhoto: Uncommon Goods
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Well Contained

If you're guilty of bringing a carton of ice cream directly to the table to scoop onto summer pies, consider this stylish enamel holder that looks oh-so-chic and keeps ice cream cold. Pint ice cream holders, $56,

Decor Daydream: A Missoni-Designed Apartment

Would you live in a home decorated floor-to-ceiling in Missoni prints? We sure would.

Missoni’s legendary striped, zigzag and floral patterns have driven design lovers crazy for decades. In fact, when the Italian fashion brand partnered with Target on a pop-up collection last year, the majority of the merchandise sold out in one day (it was meant to be on shelves for six weeks!). Our hearts leapt when we heard that MissoniHome will design the interiors for a high-rise residence tower in Manila, Philippines, as part of an architectural project by Century Properties Group. While we’re not planning to move to the Manila any time soon, we found ourselves drooling over the digital renderings of the future MissoniHome-designed interiors.

Indulge in a little décor daydreaming and take a peak at these fashion-forward rooms:

MissoniHome Dalia Bedroom
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Interiors by MissoniHome

Nestie Tip of the Week: Freshen Up Your Home

candlesPhoto: hans s, Flickr
There's nothing like coming home after a long day and being greeted by a whiff of French vanilla or fresh lavender. Okay, being greeted by your honey is pretty nice, too, but a fresh-smelling house makes everything seem so crisp and clean. Check out these tips from other Nesties on our Cleaning &... read more

Bastille Day Bounty: 11 Decor Goodies Inspired by France

Tomorrow, July 14th, is Bastille Day, a French national holiday that commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789. France considers the day a celebration of the founding of France’s modern nation, which includes a parade down the Champs-Élysée. To get in the spirit, we’ve rounded up eleven summer home accessories that celebrate the French style. From classic cafe glasses to plates painted with the Eiffel Tower, these goodies are sure to have you dreaming of Paris:

Bastille Day, French linen pillow Layla GracePhoto: Layla Grace
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Hotel Style

Inspired by vintage French designs, this 20-inch square linen pillow is stuffed with luxurious down. Hotel Le Pavillon linen pillow, $87,

Is Friday the 13th Lousy or Lucky for Love?

friday the 13thPhoto: HandsOnBlog
Well, today is that day some of us dread for no reason in particular: Friday the 13th. There are two schools of thought: One is that this day is spooky and weird (cue the Jason Voorhees music). Some buildings don't have a 13th floor because they consider it a bad omen. Others look forward to this once-in-a-while... read more
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