Pin Love: Celebrating Dad

Pinterest, love quote Photo: Lanae, Pinterest

My mother is the first one to begrudgingly admit that I’m a complete daddy’s girl. It’s not as if I pick favorites, I just think my newborn self immediately felt at home with the only other blue-eyed, bald person in the room.

That instantaneous companionship is the reason why I love this quote found on Pinterest. Not only is it simple and straightforward, but it sums up almost every child’s feelings for the father figure in their life.

It also got me thinking about all of the ways in which dads go out of their way for their little girls. I mean, growing up, my dad was the only one I entrusted with the task of doing my hair every morning. Thanks to him I was a kindergartner with one fierce ponytail.

What are some fond memories you and your dad share?