What’s In Store @ Anthropologie

For a quirky kitchen accessory or bohemian bedspread, we turn to Anthropologie. This summer, we’re loving their metallic textiles and ceramics as well as their colorful mix of housewares in warm corals and bright colors perfect for long afternoons in the sun.

Before you hit the store, check out their new merchandise here:

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11 Fabulous Finds from Anthro

Settled Confetti Glass, $10 each
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A Graphic Tablecloth

Mina Tablecloth, $58
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Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Pop-Print Measuring Spoons, $18
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Natural Placemats

Invierno Placemat, $12
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A Chic Vase

Dotted Paper Vase , $98
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The Perfect Keepsake Box

Sonoran Weave Jewelry Box, $78
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A Sexy Quilt

Twill Tie Quilt, from $268
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A Bright Bottle Opener

Kalama Bottle Opener, $18
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A Shiny Votive

Silvered Hobnail Votive, $8
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A Feminine Apron

Simmering Poppies Apron, $38
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A Whimsical Napkin

Dotted Napkin in Citron, $12

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