Happiness: It’ll Cost You (But It’s Cheap)

money, happiness, friends, friendship Photo: Shutterstock

You can’t buy friendship, but you can invest in others and reap some happy returns yourself. According to a study from the University of British Columbia, spending money on others (as opposed to, um, yourself) promotes happiness.

And you don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg-rich for it to make a difference!

When participants were given $5 or $20, the level of happiness they got using that money on others stayed the same regardless of the amount spent.

One of the reasons behind this idea is that hanging out with others is a social act, meaning that it’s an experience you both share and enjoy together. Picking up the tab is just the icing on the cake in these interactions.

It’s easily a win-win situation, right? They get to feel treated, you get to express your appreciation for your friends and have some happiness, too. Sounds fair to us!

Food and drinks can be that little something-something you can do. Need some inspiration? Treat your friend the next time you catch up over coffee. Take your man out to the local bar for his favorite brew. Next time mom visits, drive over to that out-of-this-world bakery you go to for a splurgy cupcake.

Now don’t you feel (positively) better?

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