Countdown to Memorial Day: Top Entertaining Tips

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The weekend’s here, the guest list is made, and the menu is made up. What’s left to do? Have fun at your own party, of course! We’ve rounded up the best party tips to make sure you enjoy the event just as much as your guests.

  • Keep a camera ready to document the night. Take on the role of photographer, or scatter a few disposable versions on tables to encourage people to take their own candid snapshots.
  • Think like a hotelier and get your bathroom ready for guests. Keep extra toilet paper in plain view, have scented soaps on the counter, keep a can of air freshener on hand, and leave out your fluffiest hand towels.
  • It’s all about the decorations. Cute centerpieces and holiday candles can go a long way in creating a simple but festive theme.
  • Give guests unexpected drinks. Keep craft beers in an easy-to-find fun tub filled with ice and prepare a party punch beforehand so you won’t have to make it throughout the night.
  • For easy cleanup, either have guests take home leftovers or clean out your fridge beforehand to make room for all the goods so you won’t have to worry about it later.

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