Keep It In Perspective: It Could Be the Key to Happiness

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If you can look affectionately at the past, have fun in the present, and work hard to strive for the future, you’re likely a happy camper with “balanced time perspective.” A study from San Francisco State University found that people who hold these views–and don’t lean too heavily on any one of the three–tend to feel more vital, grateful, and satisfied with their lives.

Don’t feel like you fit this description? There’s some evidence that you can somewhat rebalance your perspective so you can be happier. If you dwell too much on the past, focus on what you could build toward in the future. If you live too in-the-moment, try setting some longer-term goals for yourself. If you look too far forward, take a few moments each day to appreciate what you’ve got right now and what you’ve had.

How well do you juggle your past, present, and future? Do you think there’s an area you focus on more than others? 

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