Google Wallet: Are You Onboard with Pay-by-Phone Apps?

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Google’s given us so many great ways to connect with people: Gmail means you get more mail and much less (if any) spam, and Google documents lets you easily collaborate on a paper with others.

But then again, there are the definite duds. Buzz was incorporated into Gmail and was made for easily sharing statuses, videos, links, and photos with your contacts. It never really caught on, and Google ended it in December 2011. Wave was supposed to make it easier to interact with multiple people at once in real time (like in instant messaging), but, once more, it didn’t fare well with the public either and was discontinued in April.

With so many additions, Google just keeps growing. In fact, Google Wallet turns 1 on May 26th, and…we had no idea it even existed.

This Android app acts as, yes, your wallet. It allows you to hold your phone up to a scanner and tap it against the screen to make a secure payment in stores.

But is this add-on necessary? Many big stores and chains already have their own apps to make it easier for consumers to pay quickly and securely at checkout. Wallet seems like an all-encompassing do-it-all, but time will tell if it sticks around.

I think I’ll just stay true to my Starbucks app for the time being.

Tell us: Do you use Google Wallet, or do you think it’s too ahead of its time?

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