National Vegetarian Week: Nutty Raspberry Muffins

nuts, raspberry, muffins, muffin, recipes, vegetarian, vegan Photo: TheNest

Finding time for a healthy homemade treat can be tough when you’re dashing in different directions in the morning. For those days when you need to grab and go, consider making some marvelous muffins.

These baked goods replace regular muffin ingredients with more healthy options, setting them apart from those at your local bakery. Upgrade to whole wheat flour, swap chocolate chips for pecans and substitute tofu for eggs to make this a more wholesome, vegan-friendly pick.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth for a cinnamon roll, these still offer a touch of sweetness. Ground cinnamon and pure maple syrup give a nice contrast to the tart taste of heart-healthy raspberries, making these a sweet addition to your a.m. routine.

This recipe makes 12 muffins, meaning you can think ahead and freeze half for the following week.

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