Found on Etsy: The Male Model

Etsy is overflowing with Father’s Day gifts and manly decor right now, but what really stuck out were the poor male models seen in the photos. From the acrobatic to the most stoic poses, we can only assume that these models are very loyal husbands, boyfriends or friends of the shop owners. Because who else would be crazy-in-love enough to pose like this?

Here’s a few of our faves — and what must be going on in their heads:

etsy, Father's DayPhoto: etsy
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This Pose Is Giving Me A Headache

A buffalo check pillow would be cozy by a fire. Regan's Brain Rustic Buckhead Lodge pillow, $38,
etsy, Father's DayPhoto: etsy
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Do I Look Literary and Romantic Enough?

A triple-layer quilt makes hanging in the park more comfortable. Sewn Natural picnic blanket, $145,
etsy, Father's DayPhoto: etsy
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Oh Sh*t, I Forgot to Shave

This is what we call functional fun: Your man can play a song and use his harmonica to store digital files. Backyard Brand USB harmonica flash drive, $55,
esty, Father's DayPhoto: etsy
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Does This Apron Make Me Look Fat?

Only if he really loves cooking would we suggest a manly apron. Simple Smiles at Home men's grilling apron, $35,
etsy, Father's DayPhoto: etsy
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Look Honey, I'm Flying

For the casual man, a French vampire inspired t-shirt will impress him. Blackbird Tees To Catch a Thief men's tshirt, $15,