National Vegetarian Week: An Appealing Appetizer

appetizer, meatless, vegetarian, health, healthy, the nest, parmesan, toast, swiss chard, chickpeas Photo: TheNest

Here’s something to chew on: Too much red meat in your diet has been linked to a shorter lifespan, according to a Harvard study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Of course, we’ve had an ongoing debate about the goods and evils of red meat right here on this blog. But there’s a simple solution — swap out one serving of meat per day with fish, nuts, legumes, or whole grains to cut your risk.

Whether you’re a carnivore who does meatless Mondays or a full-time vegetarian, celebrate National Vegetarian Week with a mouth-watering, meatless recipe every day this week.

First up: Who doesn’t love a tasty appetizer? For your next get-together, try these super-easy Parmesan toasts with Swiss chard and chickpeas.

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