The Horizontal Shower: Take It Lying Down

Why stand when you can take a shower lying down? As if showering couldn’t get any more luxurious, Dornbract has designed the ultimate in lazy luxury: A horizontal shower that claims to gently massage your body and help you relax. Uhm, can’t we do this in our current showers?

Skepticism aside, our biggests question is: How do you wash your hair? And soap up? And shave your legs?

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The Horizontal Shower

Besides a giant bathroom, you'll also need a substantial cash flow to enjoy showering while lying down. Starting at $35,000,
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Where Does All The Water Go?

This looks like it could be a giant, cold mess. So why would anyone want to lie naked on a stone pedestal? Because they can afford it.
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The Clean Machine

Count 'em: Six customizable shower heads. Does this mean you'll be 5 times cleaner? If you're the sucker who thinks so, more power to you. We'll stick with our single rain shower head.