5 Ways to Tell You’re Too Busy For a Baby

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In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Carrie Underwood was asked if she and her husband, Mike Fisher, had any plans to expand their two-person family. Her response? “We’re good. I’m super busy and he is super busy. We are still newlyweds.  I honestly think that if we brought a kid into it, it would mess things up right now!” 

That inevitable question: When are you having a baby? All new couples have been there. It can almost make you question your own timeline (or your decision not to have children). When you’re ready for a baby, you’ll know. Until then, here are five ways to tell that you and your partner do not have baby on the brain — at least not yet.

  1. You’re just too busy, and you like it that way. If Carrie Underwood’s words resonated all too well with you and your hubby — that you’re so happily busy that having a baby right now would probably complicate things — so be it. When and if you’re ready to slow down and re-prioritize, you’ll know.
  2. You feel content when you’re together — just you two. If you feel you’ve hit your groove as as couple and there are no time constraints, why rush things along? Savor the newlywed (or not-so-newlywed) phase for as long as you please; no guilt in that.
  3. You have things left unchecked on your marriage bucket list. Every pair’s got an idea of the things they want to do together pre-baby: Take a long vacation, buy that gorgeous-but-not-so-practical white sofa, enjoy a complete 6-course meal once a week. If you’re not quite confident that you’ve checked off everything you want to accomplish before baby, then keep on truckin’ — there’s no going back!
  4. You enjoy the daily grind. If leading the team meeting or staying at the office late to deliver an armload of your assignments gives you a sense of fulfillment, great! You love your routine and just don’t feel the need to switch over to a new routine yet. (Just make sure you pencil in some time with your man!)
  5. You like being carefree together with no distractions. Acting like newlyweds (having sex when you want, going on romantic dates that last hours, and talking all night long) is so much fun. This is quality one-on-one time, and there’s nothing wrong in wanting it to be just the two of you without anyone (or anything) cramping your alone time…just yet

Have you postponed having a baby for any of the reasons? Or for any other reasons?

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