Sex Is Best…In Your 50s?!

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If you think you’re in your sexual prime now, just wait. Like a fine wine, sex gets better — and you get more confident — in your golden years.

The UK’s Sex Census 2012 (yes, it’s real) surveyed 25,000 men and women and found that for those between the ages of 50 and 59, 52 percent said they had a good sex life.

It gets better in AARP age, too. While 18-year-olds rated their sexual confidence at four out of 10, those 60-69 rated themselves a six out of 10.

In comparison, 25 percent of those 30-39 were unhappy with their sex lives due to the stressors of modern life.

Bills and babies: they can kill any buzz in the bedroom.

What do you think? Is stress affecting your sex life?

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