Keep Nagging Your Significant Other — It’s Working!

nagging Photo: Corbis

Feel like you’re always nagging? Don’t feel guilty — it’s working! Or so says Dr. Richard Keegan from the University of Lincoln at a recent conference of the British Psychological Society. Apparently, being nagged by a husband, wife, friend, or family member can get results and make everyone involved happier and healthier in the long run.

Let’s take fitness, for instance: The least physically active participants interviewed said that they needed and even appreciated regular prodding from others to get in shape.

Other situations in which people were motivated to get their rears in gear by nagging? After a significant other recommended doing something active instead of sitting on the couch, or when a child pestered an adult to play.

Dr. Keegan’s findings suggest that once you get in the habit of being active, you no longer need constant reminding (read: nagging) to do so. So nagging is kinda like tough love — tough, annoying love.

Have you ever gotten positive results out of your significant other by nagging? Or do you feel like it just backfires?

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