Celebrate Cinco de Mayo without Gaining 5 Pounds: Food Edition

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With Cinco de Mayo coming, let’s face it, you’re bound to stuff your face with both food and drink. Yesterday we tackled drinking on Cinco de Mayo without gaining cinco pounds. Now we’re on to food.

Between melty cheeses, fatty dips, fried shells, and cream-based sauces, Mexican food doesn’t usually rank that high on the healthy list. However, there are smarter substitutes for these more indulgent items. Enjoy your own Cinco de Mayo party while keeping trim with our guide to guilt-free foods.

healthy snacks, appetizers, entertaining, Cinco de Mayo

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Instead of: Chips

Reach for: Tomatoes, broccoli, bite-sized pita pieces, or low-fat crackers

Why? You’ll get more vitamins from vegetables and more healthy grains from whole-wheat breads than you could ever get from a diet-breaker like chips. Everything tasting bland? Try toasting pitas and sprinkling with seasoning for a more satisfying crunch and flavor.

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Instead of: Guacomole

Reach for: Salsa

Why? Guac can be healthy, just not in mass quantities like when you’re scooping it up bite after bite as an appetizer (been there, done that). Instead, opt for a tomato-based salsa with basil for a tangy topper. 

healthy snacks, entertaining, Cinco de Mayo

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Instead of: An enchilada

Reach for: A tostada

Why? The open-faced structure of tostadas keeps carbs in check and can make for a healthy meal of beans, lean protein (when made with chicken or tofu), salsa, and low-fat cheese.

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