Celebrate Cinco de Mayo without Gaining 5 Pounds: Drink Edition

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Getting ready for some Cinco de Mayo action? We’ve compiled a list of stay-slim secrets when it comes to sipping on your favorite adult beverage — courtesy of the folks over at SparkPeople.

Click past the tips for some simple, skinny, and scrumptious drink recipes you can whip up for Cinco de Mayo, without having to deal with the morning-after gut…I mean guilt!

  • Show me the (lower) proof. The lower the proof of alcohol, the lower the number of calories. For example, an ounce of an 80-proof liquor has about 65 calories. Blend it with a low-calorie juice to lower the calorie count.
  • Make it a spritzer. By diluting your wine with soda water, you make it healthier and lighter than the full-fledged thing.
  • Stir it up with low- and no-cal options. Orange juice, diet soda, light lemonade, sugar-free syrups, and light cranberry juice are all healthy alternatives to sugar-saturated store-bought mixers.
  • Switch to soda water. Tonic water sounds healthy, but it has 90 calories per cup (who knew?). Opt instead for calorie-free soda water and just add your own lime or lemon for flavor.

Skinny Drink Recipes You Can Easily Make at Home:

alcohol, drinks, recipes, Cinco de Mayo, entertaining

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Tequila Sunrise Pops

Have your drink and eat it too with our twist on a traditional tequila sunrise. Click here for how to make the fun-to-eat treat.

alcohol, drinks, recipes, entertaining, Cinco de Mayo

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Strawberry Blackberry Margarita

Get a burst of vitamin C in every sip. Click here for this berry yummy version on a classic margarita.

drinks, recipes, entertaining, alcohol, Cinco de Mayo

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Grapefruit sodas like Fresca have zero calories, so you can get a hint of sweetness without the added sugar rush. Click here for the refreshing recipe.

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