We Like to Watch: Tom’s Apartment on Parks and Recreation is Marriage Material

Did you catch the Parks & Recreation episode where Ann (Rashida Jones) falls utterly in love — with her boyfriend Tom’s apartment? “It has amenities everywhere!” she exclaims as she gives Leslie (the fab Amy Poehler) a tour of the dude’s pad-meets-girl heaven. I mean, a fridge stocked with coconut water and blankets everywhere? I’m dying. NBC even went one step more and made a funny slideshow of even more covetable items around the apartment (Turkish robes and towels? Yes please!).

coconut water, TVPhoto: ctchoolaw.blogspot.com
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A Shelf Full of Coconut Water

A well-stocked femme fridge should come stocked with the ultimate in hydration.
lip scrub, TVPhoto: lavenderandlilies.blogspot.com
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A Lip Exfoliator

For the most kissable lips, a lip scrub can do wonders for you and him.
sudoku, TVPhoto: skyepuppy.blogspot.com
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A Sudoku Book

It'll keep both of your minds sharp and stimulated.
beauty, eye cream, TVPhoto:thebeautycult.blogspot.com
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Boutique Eye Cream

It's refreshing to realize that men want to prevent crow's feet, too, no?
fragrance, TVPhoto: blog.theperfumespot.com
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A Unisex Fragrance

He'll smell like you, and you'll smell like him.
apartment, decor, TVPhoto: meredithstarrettdesigns.blogspot.com
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Blankets Everywhere

Your man should know that the best way to cuddle on the couch is under the softest throw pillow imaginable.
food, apartment, TV,Photo: blog.lauraswholesomejunkfood.com
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Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Because you never know when a craving might strike.

Take a look — and tell us, what on earth is missing from this dream apartment? Also, would you be impressed or weirded out if your boyfriend or husband’s apartment looked like this when you met him?

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