The Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Debate

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A food blog from the UK paper The Guardian questioned whether the chocolate chip cookie is America’s “single greatest contribution to world cuisine.” I would give a warm, hearty ‘heck yes’ to that suggestion. What other comfort food gives you rich, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate AND a crumbly cookie rolled into one?

And here’s some food for thought. A study found that people who ate chocolate a few times a week or more tended to weigh less than people who rarely enjoyed the treat. Previous studies have also linked chocolate to lower blood pressure, decreased cholesterol and better insulin sensitivity. Nesties, chocolate has been shown to have health benefits! Now, a Nestle Tollhouse roll might be your tried-and-true go-to for a quick craving, but take some time to make and enjoy these homemade recipes. Try one or try them all: you can never have enough chocolate in your life. And oh yeah, it’s for your health. So sweet.

Go traditional. When you don’t want to mess with the best, the classic cookie will never steer you wrong.

Get nutty. Some slivered nuts, a small spoonful of pure almond extract, and white chocolate chunks easily turn the traditional cookie into a whole other form that’s equally appetizing.

Fill ‘er up. With our chocolate chip-filled melting moments recipe, you’ll be biting into creamy goodness sandwiched between two cookies.

Sweet tart. For a summer treat, this chocolate chip cookie crust and whipped cream-filled creation is just what you need for a snack on a sweltering day.

Upgrade from cookies to cake. Because why stop at a batch when you can create a whole cake?

A Nestie nugget of advice: Go for good-quality dark chocolate. More cocoa means more cocoa butter, which helps the chips get melty in the cookie.

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